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Services and Capabilities

We are a full service industrial powder coating shop and can handle anything from small to large parts of any quantity. We take extreme pride in our customer service and attention to detail.

Our customers trust us with their parts and we do not let them down. We offer a 5 star service and our Yelp reviews reflect that.


Powder Coating

  • Industrial and personal coating solutions for parts up to 16 Ft
  • Variety of finishes ranging from matte and high gloss to texture and hammertone
  • Pretreatment such as sand blasting and other alternatives
  • Versatile and precise masking or plugging solutions
  • Quick color changes
  • Inspection areas containing state of the art lighting
  • Packaging and palletizing solutions for parts of all sizes


  • Abrasive blasting solutions for parts up to 15 Ft
  • Precise masking and plugging solutions to prevent etching of unwanted areas


Powder Coating

  • 17′ x 9′ x 9′ Oven
  • 2.5′ x 4.5′ Electric Oven
  • Two Large Production Powder Coating Booths
  • One Small Custom Powder Coating Booth


  • Two 3′ x 6′ Sandblasting Cabinets
  • 15’x15′ Sandblast Room


  • 6K lb. Fork Lift
  • 5K lb. Fork Lift


Choosing Colors

We have over 250 colors on display and hundreds of others in stock. No matter if you’re looking for gloss, matte, texture, wrinkle or hammertone; we have them all!

Can’t find the color you’re looking for? No problem! We ensure that you will find exactly what you’re looking for from one of our many suppliers.

Looking to match a powder coat color to a paint on a vehicle? Give Prismatic Powders a call at (866) 774-7628 or visit their website: Once you find what you’re looking for, contact us to get your work started.

Disclaimer: We will not chose colors for our customers, but only give our best suggestion.

Our Preferred Suppliers

Click our powder supplier’s logos below to view what colors they have to offer

Substrates for Powder Coating

Powder Coating FAQ

We mostly powder coat over aluminum and various types of steel.

We prefer to do our own prep / pretreatment work to ensure it is to our standard and the highest quality is achieved. 

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days. For larger accounts, we may offer 5-7 business day turnaround or less.

We require you to remove any rubber, plastic, stickers, sensors or anything not capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450F.

No appointment needed. Customers are welcome to stop by anytime during our business hours for estimates, drop off or pick up.

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